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Mike Rauch - Horticulture degree and 35 years of grape growing experience in the planting of Butterfly Creek Vineyards, Silver Fox. He and wife Lesli planted 5 acres in the Ben Hur Rd. Valley in the early 80’s and 2 1/2 acres in the Gryphon Glen Winery in 1989. Five acres of the original Rauch Vineyards were planted in 1984. Mike and Lesli were instrumental in the start ups of Butterfly Creek Winery and had hands on developing vineyards at the orgininal Chase Ranch on Hwy 49. Also worked with Mike, their amazing children and 4.5 grandchildren through the years we have moved back to the Ranch to help with the raising of American Quarter horses, registered Black Angus, 15 different varieties of wine grapes and opened the winery with 5 different unique offerings of varietals and blends.